Assistance with Federal Disaster Loans for Businesses

Coronavirus (COVID-19): SBA Guidance & Loan Programs

SBA is collecting the requested information in order to make a loan under SBA’s Economic Injury Disaster Loan Program to the qualified entities that are impacted by the (COVID-19).  The information will be used in determining whether the applicant is eligible for an economic injury loan. 

Not all will Qualify.


How can Atlanta Business Capital Help?

The President of Atlanta Business Capital has been assisting clients with SBA loans since 1995 and have a deep understanding of their guidelines and processes that is required to get an approval to aide the growth of your business.  Obtaining a SBA loan regardless of the program is extremely difficult and time demanding and if dealing with a non experienced person or agent can result into a rejection or delay in the approval process.  

We at Atlanta Business Capital would like to help as many of the small business owners that we can to ensure that they are on the right path to obtaining the Funding that is SBA back during the trying times that we are all facing and dealing with since the last pandemic in 1918.

We are offering our services in the SBA field to help clients with increasing their odds of an approval by the SBA guidelines by having all the correct paperwork reviewed and completed prior to submission.  We will help organize and review the following items:

  • SBA Application
  • Profit & Loss Statements ( Last 3 Years )
  • Balance Statements ( Last 3 Years )
  • Articles of Organization
  • Personal Financial Statements on all Applicable Owners
  • Last Three Month Bank Statements
  • Proforma for the Next Three Years
  • Executive Summary

Many Business Owners will greatly under estimate the process and please don't be fooled by miss-information that all business owners regardless of Credit, Revenue, and Business Industry will get approved.  That is False and the biggest reason why many will not get approved when they apply initially because over confidence, lack of preparation and lack of understanding of the programs and the underwriting guidelines. 

Become our client and let us help you navigate through this process with professional assistance and get you in the right program(s) and verify that your information is correct and ready to be underwritten without delay because of your preparation.  We cannot guarantee that your application will get approved but we will increase the odds of your application getting approved because we will pre-underwrite and assess a risk grade based on our review.  We also have Financial Partners that are lenders with SBA Guidelines that we can qualify you faster with most owners that fit a certain criteria.  

We are here to help!!!